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For more than 40 years, I have provided aggressive representation to clients all over Minnesota. I will fight for your interests with a wealth of experience and legal knowledge and a drive to succeed.

A solo practitioner

If you have a question or concern, you will talk to me and no one else. I want you to be informed and have a clear understanding of the issues and their legal ramifications. If an attorney fails to timely communicate with you or ignores your phone calls, it is fair to recognize this as a bad problem. As a client, you always have the right to be advised of the status of your claim, and I will promptly respond to any contact, making every effort to return phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

Civil trial specialist

I have been certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association since 1993. To earn this distinction, a lawyer must have handled numerous trials, court hearings and depositions, must pass a stringent test, and must continue to do so to become re-certified. Less than three percent of the lawyers in Minnesota have earned this distinction.

My work

I am an accomplished attorney with a strong background in many areas of civil litigation including:

  • Personal injury/Wrongful Death –– Many of the cases I handle are personal injury and wrongful death cases. Usually the opponent is an insurance company (assisting their insured –– the “at-fault” person or entity which injured you) and the insurance company’s lawyers. I have never represented insurance companies, banks or large corporations, and I never will. I take special pride in representing regular individuals. Insurance companies love to collect money (premiums), but hate to pay money (claims). The people insurance companies hire, such as adjusters and insurance company attorneys, are forced to think this way (how do they sleep at night?!), and you need an attorney to help you. Your recovery usually will be better with counsel than without. Many people understandably do not want to go through a trial.  But pushing the case toward trial and getting on the “courthouse steps” is often the only way to obtain a fair recovery, particularly from an insurance company.  Indeed, going to trial against an insurance company is often the only way to obtain fair compensation for my client. Please see my “Practice Area” tab above regarding “Personal Injury/Wrongful Death.”
  • Legal malpractice –– The practice of law has requirements which are often beyond the knowledge of lay jurors.  I represent clients in cases where professionals deviated from the standards and requirements they are expected or required to follow and cause injury or damage to a person.  In most cases, expert witnesses from the profession must be hired by me to confirm that malpractice occurred and to be able to testify and educate the malpractice jury about why the professional’s conduct was unacceptable. I particularly enjoy handling  legal malpractice cases against lawyers and am one of the few attorneys willing to do so. Numerous attorneys do not handle such cases, some apparently believing that it is wrong to sue a fellow lawyer. However, lawyers make mistakes just like everybody else, and I am willing to assist victims and aggressively pursue claims of lawyer wrongdoing. Please see my “Practice Area” tab above regarding “Legal Malpractice.”
  • Contested will and trust litigation –– Typically persons accomplish their estate plan through a will or trust.  Challenging the disposition set forth in a will or trust typically involves asserting that the deceased person lacked sound mind, memory or other mental capacity, or that undue influence was used upon a vulnerable and susceptible person.  These cases are often highly emotional and divisive to the litigants.  Proof of these cases can be a challenging exercise in investigative, medical, and legal work.  I have extensive experience in such contested will and trust litigation.  Please see my “Practice Area” tab above regarding “Contested Will and Trust Litigation.” I also handle breach of fiduciary duty claims involving trustees, personal representatives, or other persons with a fiduciary relationship to others.
  • Insurance, business, and contract disputes –– Often issues arise regarding insurance coverage and payment, business disputes or business dissolution, and interpretation and enforcement of contracts.  I regularly assist clients in such matters.

An ethical attorney
In over 40 years of practicing law, I have never had an ethical complaint filed against me by a client or been sued by a client for legal malpractice.
I am AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest recognition possible in the legal industry, for my professionalism and ethics.

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Contact my office today at 612-644-6714 or online. There is never a charge for this initial consultation. I will listen to you and answer your questions, and take a preliminary look at your case to determine if your case has sufficient legal and factual merit to bring about a successful result.  If so, and if you determine what I offer fits well with your expectations, I will begin to develop the winning strategy that optimizes your chances for a positive resolution. It would be my honor and privilege to represent you.