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Minneapolis Legal Malpractice Attorney

Upholding the integrity and quality of the practice of law 
An attorney undergoes a rigorous application process, background checks and examination to obtain a license to practice law in Minnesota. This intense scrutiny  is intended to maintain the integrity and quality of legal practice in the state. Attorneys swear to abide by the rules of professional conduct, to aggressively and zealously act in their client’s best interest, and to take actions that are consistent with truth and justice. For more than 40 years, I have demanded of myself an unwavering commitment to the principled, dutiful practice of the legal profession. I expect the same firm dedication to ethical, competent legal practice from my peers. To uphold these high standards, I represent clients in all matters related to the licensure and practice of law.

Clients’ rights to effective, ethical representation
Your attorney has certain specific obligations to you. You should expect an attorney you retain to:

  • Practice in accordance with the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct 
  • Act competently and in your best interest
  • Provide details about expenses and fees 
  • Uphold fiduciary and accounting obligations 
  • Maintain confidential communications 
  • Abide by contractual agreements
  • Avoid or obtain consent to actual or potential conflicts of interest with a client
Pursuing aggrieved clients’ legal remedies
You have options if your legal counsel’s representation is fraudulent or negligent. If your attorney failed to exercise reasonable skill and knowledge commonly possessed by a member of the legal profession, and that breach of professional duty caused you damages, and that “but for” that breach of professional duty you would have had a better outcome, a legal malpractice claim exists.  Typically, another attorney must be hired as an expert witness to establish that an attorney violated the standard of care owed to you and caused you to suffer damages. No attorney can both represent you and also be your expert witness. I can represent you and assist in obtaining this expert review of a legal malpractice claim to help you pursue the best means of obtaining relief, which could include:

  • Pursuing a claim or lawsuit against the attorney 
  • Filing a complaint with the Minnesota Board of Professional Responsibility
  • Negotiating with your attorney to rectify the problem
  • Assisting you in obtaining competent representation to complete your legal matters if necessary

Contact a Minnesota attorney focused on upholding the ethics of the profession
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